Everyone has a unique financial journey. No matter where you are on that journey, the right strategy can help you reach your goals and create more freedom in your life.


I'm Jose Nadela

My journey is one of transformation and purpose, guided by a profound connection to the values of Financial wisdom and Legacy. With a background in Economics and over twenty years of managing multi-million-dollar budgets for big construction projects globally, my path has been about more than just numbers. It has been a deep, personal journey into understanding how thoughtful financial management can shape our lives, protect our dreams, and enable us to pass on a legacy of knowledge and stability.

This realization led me to step away from the corporate world, embrace early retirement, and birth Coach Nadela, a place where my passion and commitment to guiding Mid-Career Doctors on a journey toward not just Financial Freedom but a life rich with purpose and fulfillment crafting a meaningful legacy.

Together, we'll navigate the path to secure your Financial Future, ensuring you can earn more, save diligently, and make intelligent investments, all while aligning with your ultimate goal of creating a lasting legacy that reflects your values and life's work.

Maximize Savings

Learn how to efficiently allocate your income to secure your financial future.

Eliminate Debt

Cut debt from your life and create positive habits to foster Financial Health.

Invest Wisely

Learn how to invest and reach your goals faster.

Legacy Creation

Forge a lasting Legacy that mirrors your life’s work and values.

"In the world of Finance, it’s rare to find someone who not only understands the numbers but also the human aspect behind them!"

- Dr. Cesar Díaz

"With an exceptional talent for creative problem-solving, Jose turns financial challenges into opportunities for growth and learning."

- Dr. Maria Pou

"Jose is not just a Coach; he is a motivational force, inspiring Doctors to pursue their Financial and Legacy goals with energy!"

- Dr. Rabade

Why I Do It

Growing up in a middle-class family where funds were limited but meticulously managed, I saw the quiet power of financial wisdom. My mother, a nurse, and my father, an accountant, navigated our family finances with careful planning and foresight, teaching me the value of prudent financial management early on. This upbringing starkly contrasted with the experiences of my closest family members, successful Doctors who, despite their professional achievements, faced retirement compromised by financial challenges—a result of years without effective money management.

So, I made it my mission to ensure that Doctors can achieve the Financial Tranquility and secure the retirement they richly deserve, reflecting the dedication they've shown in their careers. Beyond financial security, I am committed to helping them build a meaningful Legacy, one that extends their impact beyond their professional lives into lasting contributions to their families and communities.

It's why I do what I do—empowering Doctors with the knowledge and strategies to avoid the pitfalls that once trapped my family, guiding them towards a Future where their financial well-being is as assured as the health of the patients they care for, and their Legacy endures as evidence to their life's work and values.


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Crafting your Legacy is a marathon, not a sprint. For Mid-Career Doctors, I have created a very specific strategy and process to allow you to retire with the same if not more income once you decide to stop practicing. If you want to know more about it, schedule a 30-minute call valued at $200 so we can discuss the details.
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